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C.P. Company

In 1971 Massimo Osti, the internationally recognized revolutionary designer as "the father of sportswear", founded the Chester Perry brand, which later changed its name to C.P. Company in 1978. The brand immediately met with great success thanks above all to its unconventional and functional interpretation of the classics of the male wardrobe. For more than 45 years, the brand has continued its record of reworking military stock garments, for work and sportswear, combining intense research and innovation in materials and fabrics. The search for C.P. Company also passes through the dyed garment technique, which the brand developed in the 70s, which consists of the color of the finished garment, to which it gives a great chromatic richness. C.P. Company is easy to wear, to the point that the owner of the garment is always present in his wardrobe. C.P. Company perfectly combines tradition, innovation and performance.